Brian Dougherty University of Maryland MLL





For most of Brian Doughtery's athletic life, opponents, older brothers, rivals and certainly teammates, upon first glance, underestimated his athletic abilities. But as he grew, the passionate goaltender proved the critics wrong by becoming an all-around athlete, who was recruited to play DI basketball and football, and choose the difficult task of stopping lacrosse balls at the University of Maryland. Brian told the Review he always used that doubt as fuel to improve his craft and it must have worked because he's being inducted into the PLL Hall of Fame in June. Brian Doughtery might be the best goaltender to strap on a chest protector in the last 25 years because he's earned the top honors from the NCAA, the MLL and the US Lacrosse national team. But we bet there are things you don't know about this cerebral giant and he's talking to us, so stay tuned.....