CJ Costabile Duke PLL Chaos





The accolades would reach the sun if you stacked them on top of each other. There was recognition for All-State in high school, All-American at Duke for four years, an MLL All-Star and the 2020 MLL Longstick Middie of the Year, and few can forget his winning faceoff and goal in overtime during the 2010 NCAA Lacrosse Championship against Notre Dame, giving the Blue Devils their first national lacrosse championship in history. But still he plays with an edge. C.J. Costabile is arguably one of the best LSM's to ever play the game and he was passed over during last year's PLL draft......but true to form, he waited for his break, which he knew would come, took the opening and proved again he's one of the best as a current member of the PLL's Chaos squad. This was a young man who asked to wear a specific number at Duke, while being recruited by legendary coach John Danowski. There are a thousand things you can take away from this interview with the highly likeable defender, but one thing is certain, he's a class act and a real gentleman.....stay tuned.......