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If you invent a move in a sport you play that is adopted worldwide, the term icon isn't a stretch. But if you played the game on both ends of the field like a demon, the term legend is a fair and reasonable description of your talents and former Virginia standout Jay Jalbert fits the meaning perfectly. The Review caught up with Jalbert, who is a successful winter documentarian like his famous father Joe, recently and he talked about his prep career on Long Island, his time playing for Dom Starsia and his incredible feats indoor and outdoor including the 2006 FIL World Championships for Team USA in London, Ontario. The likeable Jalbert can only be described by opponents as a beast, a term he's not complaining about, but lately, two decades removed from the field, he's a gentle giant who has been lucky enough to have two outstanding careers. If you're not familiar with the lacrosse swim move, stay tuned..